- CNC machined 46cc combustion chambers for consistent volume and shape

- Precision mill bored valve guide bores provide fine surface finish for optimum heat transfer

- Radii on head bolt spot faces to reduce stress risers that can lead to cracking

- Thread milled spark plug ports assure consistent precision fit to plugs

- Precision milled finish on all gasket surfaces

- CNC contour machined multi angle valve seats provide superior geometry, roundness, and surface finish.

- Valves are moved closer to cylinder bore centerline to unshroud valves for more flow.

- Spark plugs are moved closer to cylinder bore center for improved combustion

- Special combustion chamber shape for maximum efficiency.

- Large 1.900" intake and 1.600" exhaust valves.

- High flow as cast intake and exhaust ports.

- Accepts stock rocker arms and stock valve covers.

- Lightweight compared to cast iron head.


- Price listed is for standard, non-roller heads

- Call for:

- Full race port options

- Spring options

- Valve options

Champion Racing GN1 14 Bolt Aluminum Turbo Buick Heads


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