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- Exclusive CEA (Competition Engineered Aerodynamics) compressor wheel machined from a 2618-aluminum forging

- Higher efficiency and faster transient response for maximum power and performance

- Air-cooled, dual ceramic ball-bearing center housing rotating assembly (CHRA)

- 91mm inducer compressor wheel

- Exclusive CEA (Competition Engineered Aerodynamics) 103mm turbine wheel

- Available in T5 1.00, 1.12, 1.24 or 1.40 A/R or Stainless Steel V-band 1.15 A/R turbine housings

- Extended turbine housing discharge with cross-bolt provisions

- One-piece CHRA and compressor backplate assembly to improve durability

- Supports 1725 HP

Precision Turbo Gen2 Pro Mod 91 CEA